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Kishore MariwalaXS Marines designed, fabricated and supplied an 18 feet long tender built from the Seabird mold for my Sailing Catamaran, Eesha.

Sheri Bamboat designed the tender and fabricated it for me. He used his imagination and creativity to fabricate an excellent tender. The motive power is a 10 hp out board motor. I use it essentially at Mandwa beach where I normally land when I visit Alibaug.

It has a very well designed sitting plan, storage and buoyancy compartments. The facilities for getting in and out of the tender are features to be noted. In case the passengers are stepping in or out from the tender using the fore deck, he has provided SS railings for support, an excellent non skid step ladder leads down in to the cockpit and the passenger has the support of a SS banister for help.

At Mandwa, when we get off at or get in the tender on the beach, he has provided excellent watertight doors in the stern of the tender. All that we need to do is reverse the tender into ankle deep waters, open the door and conveniently get in or out of the tender.