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Rajiv AdhikariToday I am extremely pleased with my decision of buying a seabird from XS Marines. XS Marines has brought in some amazing innovations in the Mark 3HF. I have tried to pen down some important ones.

1) The full fiberglass seabird has very good buoyancy due to the copius amounts of foam used.
2) The fiberglass hull glides on the water surface and provides great speeds.
3) Another striking attribute of the XS Marines built seabirds is sailing even is extremely light winds…the damn thing still moves and gets you to your destination.
4) The high freeboard blocks a lot of water coming in while sailing.
5) Draining out the water is as easy as opening a valve at the stern.
6) The aluminium gaff is easy to rig.
7) The yacht responds very well to the slightest movement of the tiller and it maneuverability is far better.
8) It offers tons of storage space which very conveniently can double up as an ice box.
9) It even has place for two crew members to have a comfortable nights sleep, in case of long distance sailing.
Well Sheri everything can’t be rosy lest readers think that this testimonial is doctored. A few things that you may want to look into.
1) You may want to test sail the yacht after completion, which I think will enable you to tune it better.
2) Thicker ropes can be provided for hoisting the mainsail and gaff which will give better a grip.
3) The centre-plate knocking could be reduced.
4) The brass equipment on board tends to turn green due to saltwater and requires cleaning virtually on a daily basis, maybe if made from SS this can be addressed.

Having said this, the innovations introduced definitely make life easy for the owners of the Mark 3HF as well as the tindal.

While there is always scope for improvement in whatever we do am quite confident that Sheri and his team are aware of all what I have said.

Overall I believe XS Marines has an exceptional, sturdy and affordable product for sailors… amateurs and professionals alike.