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Seabird Sailboat for Sale in India

    The SEABIRD was designed by Morgan Giles in 1920 specifically for sailing in Bombay harbour for the Royal Bombay Yacht Club.

    The SEABIRD is a 21 foot Gaff rigged boat. Originally the boat was made in Burma / Malbar teak with a clinker hull construction. It later evolved from a wooden clinker hull to a fibreglas clinker hull and finally into a modern carvel hull with no change in dimensions.

    The first carvel hull was made in 1986 by Jimmy Unwalla and was designated as the SEABIRD Mark 3.

    XS Marines is proud to offer the SEABIRD Class of sailing boats in ready to sail condition. XS Marines offers the boat in the standard Mark 3 version and also a modified version called Mark 3 HF ( HF – High Freeboard). The Mark 3 HF is offered exclusively through XS Marines.

    Years of experience in sailing, racing and cruising the SEABIRD along the west coast of India and a long distance sail across the Arabian Sea to Muscat have resulted in the quest to make the SEABIRD a more comfortable and safe boat for coastal racing and cruising.

    Accordingly Sheri has modified the existing SEABIRD Mark 3 hull , now called SEABIRD Mark 3 HF.This has been done by raising the freeboard by 4 inches without any change in hull shape, dimensions or deck dimensions. In addition the deck has been made completely in fibreglass with a modern layout.

    The internal layout has also been modified to suit offshore coastal cruising and racing. The wooden seats have been now changed to fibreglass moulded seats with foam lining and this also alternates as storage space or an ice box . The forward bulkhead area has been modified to accommodate an anchor well and also a foam filled buoyancy area. The area between the seats and the front bulkhead has been altered to make place for two sleeper benches under which adequate storage space is also available. The floor of the boat has been made into a foam filled hull, resulting in doing away with the old wooden floorboards. The foam filled areas not only act as buoyancy areas but also add to stiffness of the hull. The placement of the foam buoyancy has also resulted in better balasting leading to the boat being more responsive.

    All SEABIRDS boats come fitted out with modern fittings, machined galvanised centreboard, an improved aluminum alloy 7075 T6 gaff, aluminum alloy 6063 T6 boom and imported Marlow sheets to make sail handling easier.

    XS Marines offers you a test sail on the SEABIRD Mark 3 HF to experience a unique sailing experience. You are welcome to visit our yard.

    Designer : Morgan Giles.

    Hull length……………………… 21 feet

    Beam……………………………. 7 feet

    Sail Area

    Main Sail……………………….. 46.8 sq mtrs

    Fore Sail……………………….. 12.43 sq mtrs

    Spinnaker Sail………………… 42 sq mtrs

    Recommended Motor……….. 9 /10 HP max

    In addition XS Marines offers the Mumbai sailor a comprehensive purchase and after sales services package.

    1. Removal and closing the boat for the monsoon months.

    2. Storage during monsoon i.e. for 4 months – first monsoon free.Subsequent years on chargeable basis.

    3. Pre launching – cleaning, repairs to damages to the boat, polishing,supply and painting of antifouling.

    4. Launching of boat.