XS Marines represents the best Sailing brands in the world, with equipment for every type of sailor, from professional racers to cruising sailors !

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Quantam Sails

XS Marines is the Authorized representative of Quantam Sails in India. Quantum sails are known for their superior performance, durability and exceptional shape-holding due to a sail design, engineering and manufacturing process known as iQ Technology™. Quite simply, it is the most intelligent sail design system in the industry.

Quantam Sails is driven by the ambition to create a better sailing experience and to serve sailors on all levels, whatever their goals. For cruising sailors, Quantum delivers rugged, high performance sails that provide years of safe and comfortable sailing and reliable service. At extreme levels of the sport, sailors can expect the ultimate in speed, performance, and reproducible results.

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Super Spars

XS Marines is the authorized dealer of Super Spars in India. Super Spars is the World’s No.1 racing dinghy spars manufacturer.

Teams using Super Spars masts have totally dominated at international 470 and 420 regattas. This success has continued into the 470 Olympics at Qindao with teams winning 5 of the 6 medals.

Majority of 470 men and women’s teams used Super Spars M7+ masts at the Olympics which includes the first 7 men’s teams and 2nd to 12th inclusive in the women’s event.

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Typhoon Spars

Typhoon Spars is an XS Marines owned brand. The spars are manufactured in India with the best technologies in the world.

We offer Typhoon range of spars for Optimist, Enterprise, Lightning, 420 and 470 class of boats.

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Marlow Ropes

Marlow’s range of yachting products cater to the weekend cruiser or the serious racer and our name is synonymous with innovation and quality to both.  From Dyneema® ropes designed for racers or the budget concious cruiser, to our quality polyester products like the world famous Marlowbraid – Marlow have a rope for all.

Safety is a critical factor for all yachtsmen, whether they be cruising along the coast with their family or pushing themselves and their equipment to the limit to round the last mark in first place.  Yachtsmen around the world buy Marlow because they know it won’t let them down when the going gets tough!

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Allen Hardware

XS Marines is the authorized distributor and stockist of Allen Hardware in India.

Allen Brothers produce thousands of different products. Having been in the performance hardware business since 1956, they are passionate about producing hardware capable of achieving the best results.

Look at the majority of sailing dinghies in the world and you’ll find products designed and manufactured by Allen.

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Morries Marine Equipment

Morries Marine is a Sailing Hardware brand owned by XS Marines. We offer of high quality sailing hardware for all types of needs, whether it is a small one design, a mid size racing or cruising boat.

Our products include Ball blocks, Deck fittings, SS316 Gun Metal fittings, Fasteners, Forged Shackles, Turnbuckles etc.

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Viadana Yacht Equipment

Since 1961 Viadana produces and supplies sailing outfits that are the result of a long experience in research, design, manufacture and marketing. Thank to recent investments in production automation and new technology, Viadana is now prepared to satisfy a wide range of requirements, maintaining its artisan tradition of quality and flexibility.

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XS Marines is the authorized dealer of Clamcleats for Asia. Clamcleats Ltd design and manufacture cleats for holding ropes up to 16mm – 5/8?.

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