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XS Marines is the only Indian boat yard in India with its own in-house Spar manufacturing capabilities. In 1992 Colaba Sailing Club approached us to develop aluminium spars in place of the oregano pine wooden mast for their International Lightning fleet, which kept on breaking regularly. This resulted in our first foray into manufacturing the first aluminium spars for the Int. Lightning boats using pipe extrusions. The performance of the boats improved and the spars lasted many years with hardly any breakage.

In 2002/2003 the National Optimist Association of India suggested that we manufacture Optimist racing Spars for the IODA 2003 Sailing Championship. The international Optimist spars were made of hi tech aluminium aerospace alloy 7075T6. We imported tubes extruded by a top European aluminium extrusion company to meet the required specifications of the engineering code ASME without any compromise in quality or specification.

In 2003 April the first of the locally made Optimist Spars were offered to Indian sailors for the Optimist National Championship conducted in May 2003. The spars were branded under the name TYPHOON. The spars performed as well as the international spars and this led to NOAI accepting the same to be used in the upcoming IODA championship.

In 2013 December the IODA ASIAN OPTIMIST SAILING CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 was sailed with some countries opting to go with the international branded Optimist spars whilst the only countries to use our TYPHOON spars were the Chinese and some others. The Gold was won by a Chinese sailor using these spars and we had a total of five sailors using TYPHOON spars in the top ten of the fleet i.e. 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 10th. The Typhoon set offered had only a 32mm diameter boom v/s the international norm of a 40 mm dia. boom.


In a tie up with Praga Industries (Optimist Hull manufacturer) we have supplied spars to Algeria, Mauritius, and to some individuals who have seen/ used the spars. At the 2008 IODA African Championship held in Mauritius in addition to supplying the TYPHOON 32 booms we also supplied the new TYPHOON 45 Boom

We at XS Marines are of the opinion that the TYPHOON 45 boom can be used by sailors of any weight or size. We do not advocate thinner booms for younger /lighter children and thicker booms for heavier children, leading to cost pressure on the parents of Optimist sailors. The same boom used with a bridle or a central strap can help both the lighter as well as the heavier sailor.

In 2006-7 Colaba Sailing Club once again approached us to consider manufacturing Spars for their Int. Lightning class of boats from Aluminium Alloy extrusions as the first lot of pipe spars needed replacement after almost a decade of service. In consultation with a local aluminium extrusion company who was willing to consider the small requirement and long lengths of 30 feet, we were able to make the first locally extruded oval mast with inbuilt track as per the Int. Lightning specification. These spars have stood the test of time with Colaba Sailing Club where boats are sailed regularly and even today its fleet of Int. Lightnings still have the first lot of extrusions.

In 2014 XS MARINES once again extruded two more sections. The first section was suitable for the locally sailed Enterprise, Int. 420 and Int. 470 with the idea to promote club sailing in these boats. A larger section of 5X3 inches was suitable for the J24/ J80 mast and with a view to manufacture 26 to 28 feet sailing boats locally.

Today XS MARINES offers the following Spars

TYPHOON Racing Spars

TYPHOON range of Optimist Racing Spars are manufactured from Aerospace Aluminium Alloy 7075 T6




We offer the TYPHOON 2.2 Mast coupled with the TYPHOON 45 Boom. The TYPHOON 45 Boom (45mm diameter) encompasses the strength and stiffness of not only the 40 mm diameter boom of other spar manufacturers, but also takes on the 55 mm diameter boom which is normally used by heavier children.


These are locally extruded oval spar sections in Aluminium Alloy 6063 T6 / 6005T6

Enterprise, Club 420, Int. 420 mast section – Size: 72mm x 58mm x 2mm wall thickness. Lengths of 7 meters.

Int. Lightning, Seabird XS63 mast section – Size: 82mm x 64mm x 2mm wall thickness. Lengths of 9 to 10 meters.

J24, J80, Didi26 mast section– Size: 125mm x mm x 2mm wall thickness. Lengths of 12.192 meters.

Boom Section available is of size – 71.5mm x 60.5mm x 2 mm wall thickness.