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420 Sailboat Builder in India

    International 420 Sailing LogoThe International 420 sailing boat is a Class recognized by the International Sailing Federation as the ideal youth trainer for the larger Olympic Class, the International 470.

    This popular dinghy is sailed at school, university, club, open, national and international level.

    The boat derives its name from the fact that it is 420 cms long.

    The 420 dinghy was designed by the French engineer Christian Maury. It is the established two person trapeze and spinnaker racing dinghy.

    The hull’s seaworthiness and stability at speed, along with its modest sail area make it fun to sail in heavy weather. Inbuilt buoyancy tanks make the boat very safe even when inverted.

    The main attraction of the 420 is its universal appeal as a youth class. When children age out of the Optimist they ask themselves “What do we sail now?” The answer is the 420. It has always been the boat of choice and still remains the most popular double handed dinghy. After sailing an Optimist it is easy to adapt to a 420. Further, its ability to ride the waves and plane with speed provides all the thrills and spills whether reaching, beating or running with the wind. The Int 420 has proved itself to be one of the most enduring one design junior sailboats.

    The International 420 Class Association ( holds World Championships, Continental and Junior Continental Championships. In India the Class Association ( conducts National Coastal and Inland Championships.

    XS Marines offers the Int 420 with ISAF licence, Super Spars spars, Sails for North or owners choice.

    Designer: Christian Maury

    National Origin: France

    ISAF Status: International

    Length: 4.2 m

    Beam Length: 1.63 m

    Type: Centreboard Boat

    Mast Length: 6.26 m

    Hull Material: GRP

    Sailing Boat Weight: 100 kg

    Bare Hull Weight: 80 kg

    Number of Crew: 2

    Opt Crew Weight 110 – 145 kg

    Number of Trapeze: Single

    Mainsail Area: 10.25m2

    Headsail Area: 2.8 m2

    Spinnaker Area: 9.0 m2

    420 Class Sailboat Specifications