Clamcleat Dealer in Mumbai, India

    XS Marines is the authorized dealer of Clamcleats for Asia. Clamcleats Ltd design and manufacture cleats for holding ropes up to 16 mm – 5/8″.

    Which Cleats Are Right for Me?

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    The Clamcleat® principle

    A deceptively simple ridged ‘V’ groove holds ropes firmly, yet is devoid of any moving parts to break or seize. It allows the immediate release of the rope by a short upward and backward pull.

    Always tension the rope before it enters the cleat. Dragging the rope backwards over the teeth may cause damage, especially to the nylon cleats.

    In 1963 the mischance parting of a light pull-cord from its knob triggered off the thought that there must be a better means of attachment than threading the cord through a hole and tying a knot.

    With the ‘necessity’ established, the ‘invention’ followed in short order and was proved by a model comprising of two pieces of Perspex in each of which ridges were machined at an angle and which, when cemented together, formed the first of our cleats – grip commensurate with load and no moving parts.

    Scepticism greeted this simple, unique device – the first innovation in rope cleats for over 40 years. However, following exhaustive development work on numerous prototypes and extensive material trials, the first nylon cleat was produced in 1964. In the same year Clamcleats Limited was formed, initial patents were filed and the trade mark Clamcleat was registered.