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Yacht Repair and Refit in Mumbai, India

For repairs of sailing yachts and speedboats of lengths of 32-34 feet we have two large bays. Bay 2 is 36 ft length x 23 ft width and clear height of 17 ft. Bay 8 is 42 ft length x 26 ft width and clear height of 19 ft. Here we can lift a 32-36 foot, 7-8 ton sailing yacht with our in house equipment.

Yacht Repair in Mumbai, IndiaOver the last four years we have rebuilt /repaired a Didi 26 (26ft) sailing yacht which had run aground and lost its keel and stern, suffering major structural damage. Minor monsoon repairs and painting of a 32 ft Sigma. We have also built / fabricated heavy duty trolleys for the sailing boats kept at our yard.

The yard is equipped with woodwork/fabrication tools and tackles, hydraulic jacks, a hydraulic 60 ton press, gas cutting sets, Tig and Mig-Mag welding machines for welding stainless steel parts and aluminum spars.