Ramesh Bulchandani [Testimonial]

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Thank you for arranging a demo of your new rig, Seabird XS63. The hull design is ergonomic and comfortable for cruising as well as hiking, she rolls on the tack and light on the till, the now holds up well on the run, lots of storage space making it ideal for overnight cruising. The rigging is international standard yet to try the chute with the spin, can’t wait, you may need to have separate tillers for cruising and racing with a shorter till and a longer extension with a clip to hold the extension when not required. The aft stay tends to tangle with the spreaders, worth taking a look at the angle of repose, the mast is sleek and slender and works well, would like to see it under strain and see how she behaves, overall good job, and impressive work done!

– Ramesh Bulchandani