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Hope this is the right place to note my experience with sailing at they RBYC in Seabirds and Lightnings made by your company. I am an amateur (hence the limited nature of my remarks) sailor who has used these boats over the past season. Found them to be SMART (uncluttered); SWIFT (glide with the wind and hop over the waves); SENSITIVE (to shifts and turns of the tiller – important getting in and out of a congested harbour); and SOULFUL (good vibes), a lovely feeling to be in your boat. Also, impressed to learn that yourself and colleagues at the club are pioneering in the craft of boatmanship – important for the maritime renaissance of a beautiful sport and our seafaring traditions. May the sun, the stars, the moon, the tides and the breeze be with you and your boats. As I sail these more, shall share with you further thoughts.