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Mahesh Kamarh Seabird Sailboat reviewBeauty and Grace. Those were the words that came to mind when I saw Storm Petrel for the first time. I’m a new sailor and owner, and haven’t sailed enough to speak with authority but the views I offer do come from the heart.

Such exquisiteness, it makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up to see her slowly motor up and turn to come alongside the Pier. She glides through rough chop with such ease and poise that one feels unfazed. There is such stability offered that Sheri and I so wanted to sail her from Mumbai to her new home at Mangalore. It’s a pity it got vetoed by our spouses.

The new 32-foot mast and mainsail offers much more sail area and momentum in little wind. The tiller is razor sharp and feather touch. The boom, having been mounted higher, and there being no Coming, gives an excellent unobstructed all-round view. The amount of equipment offered by Sheri is also not without mention. The jib has a furler. The mainsail has sliders that make putting up the sail a two-minute affair. I’ve even got two bathing ladders for climbing back on board after a quick dip in the ocean. I felt the cuddy needs a little rework, as, if the seats are lowered by four inches it can become comfortable accommodation for two large adults. I just might consider portholes at a later date.

Storm Petrel is the first of her kind and truly something special. I am proud to own her and like the Seabird that is her namesake I hope she brings in a storm and a windfall for her builder.