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Shahazad GandhiI have had several sails this season on Marlin (Lightning Sail Boat) I am very impressed with the handling of the boat and have had enjoyable sails.

a) Pointing: Marlin points very well into the wind. With the new Jib sail and Main sail attached it gives smoother movement and good pointing in to the wind. The aluminium mast and galvanized centre board would also help a lot during races.

b) Look : Excellent it makes one feel like your sailing a modern sail boat with fantastic colour scheme (white), front deck portion is less slippery then other new sails boats, lots of shelves in the sail boat to keep your personnel items . Amazing Speed and feel of the boat.

c) Tiller :The tiller was very sturdy and well hooked but I found the tiller was too long as compared to other lightning boats which was uncomfortable during tack/ jibe mainly when one has a guest accompanying on the sail boat due to lack of space being a smaller class of boat.

I wish XS Marines all the very best for all their future projects.

– Shahazad Gandhi – Member, Royal Madras Yacht Club, BSA and CSC